ALMA Art Studio has collaborated with Salt Steakhouse to elevate your dining experience to unprecedented levels in exclusive dining by bringing you an avant-garde art installation that is one of its kind in the world.

Material : Breccia De Vendome Marble
Origin : France
Dimensions : 104 x 60 x .75


Art Within Nature


The art installation on the wall is, in fact, a slab of genuine French marble. No alterations or any physical work was done to the face of the marble.

The art display on the marble is solely a fade-in, fade-out light projection on particular portions of the stone, accentuating the previously hidden natural art scene within its veins. The scene becomes clear to the viewer’s eye once accentuated. As the light fades out, the scene remains discernable, forever elevating the stone into a canvas of distinctive art.
The work displayed here is titled “Bénédiction”, which means “blessings” in French - paying homage to the French province of the stone.

The inspiration for the scene is derived from the concept that blessing and abundance is,or should be, the catalyst of sharing and giving - an idea imported from the (Jewish) practice of Bikurim, or “First Fruits”.

Genuine French Marble


Alma Art Studio

ALMA Art Studio creates an avante-garde art form, combining exotic natural stone with light projection to accentuate naturally-occuring art scenes. These masterpieces compliment any elevated space and are available in all sizes for commercial and residential purchase or commission.

ALMA’s artists comb the globe for extraordinary natural slabs of intensely complex veined marble, granite, onyx or quartzite incorporating profound art scenes hidden within their layering. Once a slab is identified, the team creates a light-mapping projection to highlight and accentuate components that embody the scene, reinventing the slab of stone into a brilliant work of natural art.

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